About me

My Name is Emma, I live inDunsborough in Western Australia. I moved here 4 years ago from London. I have been with my lovely Australian husband for 12 years. We have three beautiful boys Finn, Zack and Otto.


I was born in London and moved to the country side when i was 8 years old. I was always very creative, spent hours sewing badly on my mums old singer. I enjoyed cooking and baked lots of interesting cakes for my family to eat, . I loved animials, i had lots of pet mice that i would push around in a dolls pram. I would hang out with all the stray cats on our summer holidays, then ask my mum if we could bring them all home. I even went as far as trying to take a dead fluffy duckling to bed with me.

so the love of animals has always been there! 


I studied photography, art, design at school. I did ok at art but photography was my strong point, so i went on to do a photography course. I moved back to London and worked lots of odd jobs and met my husband, we had a our first boy Finn then moved to Australia.


I decided to draw some pictures around the boys letters for their names. I hadn't drawn anything since school, i realised i had done a pretty good job and it was addictive. I loved it so much i drew the whole alphabet. It has now become second nature and my love for drawing grows with every drawing i do.

My boys love all my drawings and have really inspired me to create the wonderful world of Emu & Owl.

copyright drawings by Emu & Owl 2015